Syringe manufacture

"MedPromBobeni Prodakshen" is the first manufacturer of medical products from plastic in Russia, using in the manufacture only the certificated medical raw materials of the European manufacturers.

Manufacture of syringes of disposable application is located in northern part of Korablino of the Ryazan region, in a non-polluting zone. The factory is equipped by the advanced equipment of leading world manufacturers: TOYO (Japan), Ekomold (Italy), EsDzhiPi (Korea), and also system of the centralized loading of raw materials of leading Italian manufacturers.
The automatic system воздухоподготовки (Germany) provides a 40-fold exchange of air that excludes hit of bacteria in pure zones. Manufacture process is accompanied by microbiological and chemical researches of raw materials and intermediate products which are carried out by own accredited laboratory and laboratory SES of Korablino. Check of each series of syringes on toxicity, пирогеность, sterility that guarantees 100 % safety of application of syringes for the person is spent.
All stages of manufacture are carried out in especially pure premises at rigid control of sterility of air according to requirements GMP, GOST 2486I-9I (ISO 7886-84) and ПР 64-05-001-2002.
Use of the certificated propylene in manufacture provides manufacturing of a qualitative syringe, at which completely the transparent case and the cylinder allowing accurately to define capacity of a syringe and volume of a solution.
Unlike silicone, propylene isn't toxic and doesn't cause allergenic symptoms in the patient.
The syringe cuff is made also of the certificated raw materials - the elastomer. Thanks to it absolute tightness and smoothness of a course is observed at an injection.

   Syringe manufacture
  The first stage - molding. By delivery of raw materials (silos) on pipelines in a pure zone, bunkers-stores in which there is a casting of products are filled. For observance of full tightness, a pipe on which the raw materials are delivered, are directly connected to stores.
  The stiffened cast details are cooled, then are transported in adjacent department of assemblage which also is a pure zone.
  Here products are sorted according to face value of a syringe (1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 20 ml) then automatically keep within in individual sterile, so-called блистерную packing which is easily opened and contains the information on a product.
  One of syringe elements is - a needle. MedPromBobeni Prodakshen for a complete set of the products buys qualitative needles at factory of Japanese company Nipro in Thailand.
For today of a needle of company Nipro are appreciated all over the world and are delivered to many European manufacturers.
After assemblage, syringes pack, according to the nomenclature, in transport boxes AptiPack and HospiPack.
Packing AptiPack contains 10 syrines and is intended, mainly, for retail through chemist's networks.
Packing HospiPack contains on 100 syringes (syringes in volume of 20 ml keep within on 60 шт) and is intended for delivery in medical institutions.
Final production phase of syringes is their sterilization which occurs on M.A.Ster's belonging the sterilizing center.
Placed in transport boxes, and also laid in euro - pallets for more convenient transportation, syringes undergoes sterilization procedure then take place laboratory check.
All stages of manufacture are carried out at rigid control of sterility of air according to requirements:
GMP, GOST 24861-91 (ISO 7886-84) and PR 64-05-001-2002.

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